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What is Stylegasm, you ask?

Imagine stepping into a world where style is more than just clothing – a vibrant expression of your innermost self. Having a Stylegasm is about embracing your bold, shining essence and expressing it with unabashed pride.

It's about using STYLE as your CATALYST, not just for fashion, but for self-expression.

I believe fashion is a powerful statement reflecting who you are FROM THE INSIDE OUT. It's not just about the latest trends; it's about finding that unique blend of attire that makes you feel alive, sexy, and utterly confident.

When you have a Stylegasm, you're not just changing outfits; you're discovering a style that alters your entire aura. You'll feel it, and so will everyone around you. Compliments, admiration, maybe even a hint of envy – but remember, this journey is not about seeking approval from others.

It's about falling in love with yourself and how you look.

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In just two minutes, embark on a visual and engaging journey to uncover the style that resonates deeply with you. It's more than just fashion—it's your personality showcased through your ideal wardrobe.

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Your Journey to Style Transformation

Embark on a tailored fashion adventure with Jenn K's StyleGasm process:

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Ready to redefine your style? In your initial call with Jenn K, you'll dive deep into your current fashion landscape and the inspirations behind your desire for a style uplift.

Together, we'll envision your empowered, radiant self and explore the transformative impact of embracing her. Let's start this exciting journey—I'm eager to listen!

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Embark on your style transformation journey with a personalized In My Closet session, a foundational experience for all my clients.

This intimate exploration within your wardrobe is designed to awaken your next-level self, explicitly tailored to meet your unique style aspirations.

Available both virtually and in person, this session is your first step toward realizing the full potential of your personal style.

Personalized StyleGasm Assessment

Following your In My Closet session, you'll be equipped with a comprehensive Style Assessment.

This detailed guide highlights your fashion strengths, identifies areas for enhancement, pinpoints gaps in your wardrobe, and provides tailored shopping recommendations.

This is your blueprint for self-styling, or opt for continued guidance with Jenn through a bespoke StyleGasm package, tailored just for you.

Meet Jenn K


Hey, I'm Jenn K, founder of StyleGasm. People often tell me that I’m a “walking business card” for what I do, with my bright clothing and shiny energy.

I absolutely love helping my clients step into their next-level confident and radiant selves, using style as the catalyst! 
My journey in fashion led me to working in fashion PR in Paris, France and starting a bespoke women’s fashion brand in Bali, Indonesia. In these diverse cultures, I learned the art and science of fashion and how to be a trailblazer in my field.

I am the creator of the world’s first Style Oracle deck (new edition coming soon!) which offers deep insight into your style evolution, as well as it brings fun and play back into getting dressed! 

I combine my unique styling approach with the groundbreaking healing tools of Energy Mastery®. This unique formula creates a transformative experience for my clients, empowering them to embrace their most authentic selves with a newfound sense of ease and grace and amplifying your inner glow. 

Witnessing my clients' metamorphosis as they align their inner brilliance with their external presentation is a profound joy and honor.

Are you curious to uncover whether your true essence is more bold, funky, fun, elegant, luxurious, creative, or playful than what you currently showcase?

Don't just wonder — You're invited to discover it with me, Jenn K.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and style transformation where we reveal and enhance your inner beauty, making it your captivating outer expression.

Let's transform your wardrobe and how you see and present yourself to the world. Your journey towards a radiant new you starts here!

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Success Stories

This process has accentuating a confidence and a true self within me.

I never thought that the clothing I've been putting on my outer body would help me inside, but it has! This is how I really always wanted to look. 

Before I had said, I should lose 20 pounds first. And now, I'm really very happy with the way I look, and I haven't lost weight. And I like the way I look in the clothes that I'm buying and I'm comfortable in them.

My husband has been highly supportive of what I've done. He loves my new look. He has told me over and over: you have stepped into your real true self, just from the way you dress.

—Joyce Brinton

This process is so much more than style... it involves lifestyle, your routine, and Energy Mastery.

I was on autopilot and I wasn't making time to get into a routine be more intentional with, what am I going to wear tomorrow? What am I going to wear on this weekend trip or to this conference?

I just love that I'm being more intentional and starting to change habits. I’ve embraced more of my authentic self and getting more color in my wardrobe reflects who I am.

—Neha Khurram

Before this process, I was in attendance, now I’m in leadership.

In being more put together, I show up better. My whole aura changes. I can really participate in a meeting at a better, more inclusive level - that has really helped.

I am an architect - and I want to show up representing my true self in my feminine energy. I can’t tell you I’m going to design a $2 million or $44 million dollar building and show up in t-shirt, flip flops and hair kind of crazy, I have to reflect the kind of service I want to offer people.

—Stacy Bourne

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