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Why I'm against Capsule Wardrobes

Jun 06, 2024

Confession: I cringe when people tell me they want to build a capsule wardrobe 🙊

For so long I quietly disagreed but complied.

To me, it’s always felt like it to has this shadow element, this undercurrent of….

I will play down what I want, keep to the minimum. My wardrobe must be SMALL,  practical , and always purposeful. I won’t ask for more.

I’ll be the good girl - not be too wasteful, don’t be too bright. Invest once and make it last a long, long time.



You’re so much bigger than a small assortment of an “only the basics” capsule wardrobe…

You’re here to walk in the room and SHINE (style with a mind blowing ROI)

You’re here to live your dreamiest style dream

Instead of capsule wardrobe, I believe in *embodiment seasons*

Seasons are about playing into the sides of you with a specialized wardrobe

Ya it’s kinda like a capsule wardrobe, mix & match and play into a color story, but WAY sexier


I’m in Dominatrix season 🔥

I have a client in Romance 🤍

Another embodying her Wealthy Artist 🎨


Instead of the basics of a classic capsule wardrobe, this is about putting on armour everyday to remember who the F you are as you go out and fight for what you believe in.


What are you wanting to embody more of?



Disclaimer: I do very much believe in sustainably. I keep fast fashion to a minimum and haven’t shopped at H&M or Zara in over a decade and don’t recommend to my clients. I believe in supporting small brands & 2nd hand when possible. I do not believe in wastefulness, but I also believe Carrie Bradshaw LOVED her wardrobe immmensely and didn’t need a “capsule wardrobe” to prove anything. What if you allowed yourself to prioritize your love of style, fully?