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What fashion style suits your personality?

From avant-garde to quiet luxury, take this two-minute quiz to discover what fashion style is your perfect fit 🙌

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Personalized Insight

Gain a profound understanding of your unique style, highlighting your strengths and areas for exploration.

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Receive 25 tailored style suggestions that resonate with your archetype, complete with shopping links.

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Discover new and optimal places for your style adventures, aligning with your unique fashion journey.

Authentic Expression

Empowerment to deeply infuse more of your authentic self into your style, celebrating your individuality and personal flair.

It's about using STYLE as your CATALYST, not just for fashion, but for self-expression.


Ever Wondered?

Why do cozy sweaters and feminine skirts speak to you, while your friend embodies the spirit of Burning Man with every outfit?

Or why one friend seems destined for a career in fashion, another finds solace in the simplicity of leggings and a T-shirt, and yet another masters the art of pairing lingerie with a perfectly tailored suit?

There's no right or wrong, no hierarchy in style—it's a rich tapestry of expression unique to each individual.

Perhaps these varied styles reflect the many facets of your personality!

Embark on this stylistic exploration with me to discover the many dimensions of your style.
Take the Style Archetype Quiz Now!
Hey there! I'm Jenn K, your guide on this journey of style discovery and the creator of the Style Archetype Quiz. 

As an internationally recognized personal stylist, I first conceived the Style Archetype Quiz amidst the creative vibrancy of Bali, Indonesia, where I led a bespoke fashion brand renowned for my custom-made jumpsuits. This quiz sprang from divine inspiration, recognizing my diverse clientele's unique aesthetic attractions and style needs.

The archetypes have since offered profound insights and clarity to hundreds of women, transcending fashion trends and image consulting norms. Here at StyleGasm, we celebrate the authentic you, encouraging each individual to embrace and express their true self.

As for me? I'm the quintessential Fashion Queen—style is my canvas for self-expression.

Known for my love of vibrant colors, eclectic accessories, and standout style, I embody my work, even as an introvert at heart. Yet, my expertise goes beyond personal preferences, focusing on guiding you to dress as the fullest version of YOU.

If you're seeking cookie-cutter fashion advice, you won't find it here. Experiencing a StyleGasm means stepping out of your comfort zone and into a realm of next-level confidence and embodied style. Because truly, that's where the magic happens.

Courtney – Fashion Queen

"Working with Jenn I have learned so many things in such a short period of time. Now my clothes are my muse, I’m an artist and now my clothes inspire and activate me! I can’t even put into words how many things have cleared up and have become easier since working with Jenn."

Spoken like a true Fashion Queen!

Nadia – Feminine Lady

"I think psychologically I wanted to hide behind my clothing. I work in male-dominated world. I realized it was time to embrace more of my femininity. I start to see that femininity is also power. I feel more confident and put-together now.

My style now shows a bit of my shape, but isn’t too conservative or sloppy."

DorineHumble Go Getter

"This journey showed me that I am worth the effort and money to be more visible and to wear nice clothes that make me feel good about myself.

I get excited about how clean and uncluttered my closet is now!

How inviting it is compared to before, and how much less I hear of critical head chatter I used to have when I thought about choosing what to wear and how my day is likely to go."

Here at StyleGasm, I invite you to step into a world where fashion and self-expression merge seamlessly.

It's not just about following trends but creating a personal styling experience that celebrates and elevates your unique essence

Join me on this transformative journey to uncover, express, and revel in your style like never before.

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StacyHumble Go Getter

"In being more put together, I show up better. My whole aura changes. Before I was in attendance, now I’m in leadership.

I can really participate in a meeting at a better, more inclusive level.

I want to show up representing my true self and reflecting the kind of service I want to offer people."

LeslieHot Vixen

"You allowed me to be the me I suppressed.

I have always been very confident in what i do, now I feel more confident that I don’t have to think twice about what to wear, I feel more confident in making decisions for my business, when I show up for a call, when other women talk to me."

SaraGypsy Heart

I knew I needed to work with you. I was questioning it though, style can be superficial?

Not even realizing there was a much deeper connection I’ve activated lots of different parts within me – the clothes are part of it...

But really they are just a bigger expression of me living into my TRUTH!