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Jun 06, 2024

I admitted what I wasn’t supposed to… I’m not happy 😥

I was working ALL the time, for what??

I had been neglecting the most true parts of me….

🔥 My wild

🎨 My creativity

💃🏻 My self expression


I wasn’t in spaces where it was safe to admit this

When I did… I was gaslit, told I was in self delusion, that I had anger problems (despite never acting disrespectfully)

Told to stay on the path laid before me

Look at all the $ you’ve made? The people you’ve served- quit now?

I gotta thank my past self for taking the path unknown

As Robert Frost says, the one less traveled

The path that made NO promises

Without really knowing what, if anything, would be on the other side

The void is confronting AF

It’s like going into a tunnel, dark beyond anything you’ve known before

Wondering if and when you’ll ever get out

Old demons from the past, coming back for a new spin

Nervous system trembling as it thaws… did I make the right choice?

Clenching onto any small flickering of light ahead, even if only in my imagination


Then one day, it came…


What if I became the freakiest-weirdest-wildest most expressed version of me

What if it was so bold that it was beyond Jenn, that she would need an alter ego

I’ve always been too weird for the normal people, but trying too hard to speak to them (overemphasizing “I won’t dress you like me”)then not speaking to who I am ACTUALLY here to serve

What if I’m like the zebra… impossible to camouflage my boldness 🤣


Here to free the other zebras - permission to let their stripes OUT

What if I gave up the title of Stylist

A Stylist picks out clothes, that’s not what I do 🙄

I’m more of a Creative Director

And, a Liberator


Here to walk those brave souls into the wild, to find their true stripes… 🦓

THE NEW CHAPTER -out now!!!


Get ready for a most unexpected spiritual experience – where style meets liberation, surrender, pleasure, oneness w/ your highest self.


Led by the Style Dominatrix 🔝🖤🔥

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Wildness photoshoot experience- coming Fall 2024 🦓



Important fine print: The Style Dominatrix is a creative metaphor. I do not engage in sexual activities w/ my clients, nor do I inflict physical or psychological pain upon them.