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From Unaligned to Creatively Expressed

Jun 06, 2024

At first, I was told what to do.

Study the general public, and give them what they want.

I got my business off the ground.

I hit 6 figures.

And I was proud.

But it also felt tiring. Quietly unaligned.


CONVINCE people that style matters

Speak to the people who shop at Marshalls, tell them why it’s so much better at Saks!

Ditch the leggings and get dressed, stop being lazy!


(*secretly, I want to talk to people who already love style and want to dial it UP)


I hosted workshops on how to lose weight through style

Something that has happened to my clients (by default)

And yet, I always thought that your weight is the most BORING thing about you 

Plus it’s a topic totally irrelevant to me


(*secretly, I want to talk to people who already feel good in their bodies, who want to adorn & celebrate their beauty)


I hosted workshops on “confidence in clothes”

Even then it felt like such a broad and boring topic

Which often brought in people who needed to work on their confidence before they could invest in my services


(*secretly, I want to talk to people who are already GOING for their dreams)


Then came a new phase… combing through interviews of my clients

Maybe I needed to get clear on what THEY had to say

Talk about style boards! On being more on being put together! More on confidence!


And yet it felt… empty still.


(*secretly, as much as I love my clients— I want to build a business that weaves in my depth and artistry)


At last, I finally started listening to ME.


I started telling the truth…

Creating a business lit ME up

My creativity exploded

And I naturally started calling in soul mate clients


The pivot is scary.  But ultimately, it’s profound.


You aren’t here to speak to the general dumbed-down public (nor dress like it either!)

You’re a creative genius, a visionary


In your next evolution, it’s not about implementing other people’s processes

Diving deep into marketing research

Or the next strategy


It’s about getting clear on what YOU have to express

Surrendering into the fullness of YOU

Shining from the inside and out

Feeling healed, beautiful, powerful, free to be who you truly are.


The world is waiting for the fullness of you to emerge.

Are you ready for your New Chapter?