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If you’re giving off the ‘don’t look at me’ energy….

Feb 15, 2024

If you’re giving off the ‘don’t look at me’ energy….


Could it be affecting every area of your life? …

This hiding is playing out in your work professionally, in your relationships (hiding away sexually, physically, lovingly) and in your closet.

What to do? Shift the energy to a Stylegasm!

  1. Master Your Story.

It’s time to be the heroine of your story.

You’re writing the latest chapter of your life.

You’ve been through the hardships and struggle, how will you take these lessons and craft a life-changing turning point?

Focus on an amazing new vision, and take action forward.

Shift that “don’t look at me” energy to the watch me RISE energy!

2. Curate a StyleGasm Wardrobe

People aren’t like books - we ARE judged by our covers.

Your style communicates even more than what you say.

Wearing all black, all the time, is a sign of hiding.

Wearing frumpy, baggy things, as well as sloppy loungewear while out in public - is another sign of hiding.

The StyleGasm wardrobe is one that WOWS, but it looks different for each person.

For me it’s red sequins, purple feathers, and my signature hats!

For one of my clients it’s cashmere sweaters and stripes, for another it’s colorful t-shirts and velvet shawls.

Discover your style signature and what makes your spirit feel expansive and seen!

3. Rock A Badass Presence

How do you walk into a room?

How do you pose when you’re getting your picture taken?

Learn to shift the energy so your head high, your smile beaming, and your eyes present!

When you master your style and rock your new wardrobe, your badass presence becomes much more natural!