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The Slavery that you're in...

Jul 05, 2024

The SLAVERY that you’re in…


You know you’re a creative genius

Your work is unmatched


But people don’t see you

Because YOU don’t see you


You are literally swimming everyday in old energy

You don’t have a future PULLING you forward


You are not designed like normal people


You’re a fucking pop star - in whatever chosen work you do


You have a bigger stage ahead of you

You are meant to shine brighter


It’s time to show up everyday like the pop star that you are

Wear sexiness like other people wear t-shirts


Burn to the ground anything in your closet that is holding you back

Because it’s literal venom choking your spirit and your art


It’s time to own your hotness, your power, your relentlessness


You ARE the star of the show


🖤, The Style Dominatrix