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Are you curious to uncover whether your true essence is more bold, funky, fun, elegant, luxurious, creative, or playful than what you currently showcase? 

Don't just wonder... You're invited to discover it with me, Jenn K.

Book a complimentary StyleGasm Intro Call
- this is your first step towards aligning your inner truth with your outer expression.

This is an opportunity to share about where you are currently at with your style and your style vision/goals. 

If I can help you, I will invite you to book a "In My Closet" StyleGasm session (available virtual or in-person).

This is the starting place with all of my clients, and sacred time together in your closet to actively start feeling like your next-level self.

Thereafter, you will receive a customized Style Assessment. This will outline your style strengths, growth areas, wardrobe gaps, and it will offer some initial shopping suggestions. 

You can use the Style Assessment as a DYI style action plan or you can get further support with Jenn via a StyleGasm customized package.

The first place to start... book this StyleGasm Intro call to talk more!